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Kelly Clarkson Rocks ‘Say It Ain’t So’ With Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo And Patrick Wilson

Rivers Cuomo and Patrick Wilson made a special appearance on the 15th May episode of ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show,’ joining forces with the ‘Since U Been Gone’ singer for a powerful duet of ‘Say It Ain’t So’ as part of the show’s Kellyoke segment. 

This energetic performance kicked off the episode, with Clarkson and Cuomo sharing lead vocals. Clarkson’s signature powerhouse belting added an extra layer of excitement to the rendition. After the song, Clarkson expressed her exhilaration, squatting down and throwing her arms in the air, proclaiming it was the best day of her life and feeling a newfound sense of coolness.

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Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

Following the performance, the Weezer members engaged in a lively conversation with Clarkson and fellow guest Brooke Shields about the band’s upcoming tour, which celebrates the 30th anniversary of their 1994 debut album, ‘Weezer (Blue Album)’. They discussed the hits from the album, including ‘Say It Ain’t So’, ‘Buddy Holly’, and ‘Undone — The Sweater Song’.

Clarkson fondly recalled attending one of Weezer’s concerts years ago, praising the band’s performance and urging viewers to check out their shows. She described the concert as one of the coolest, not just musically but also in terms of the visual experience, emphasising Weezer’s ability to put on an unforgettable show.

Weezer will be hitting the road in September for their Voyage to the Blue Planet Tour, featuring The Flaming Lips and Dinosaur Jr. Cuomo teased fans about the special set they have planned, which includes playing their first album front to back, along with a selection of hits and ’90s B-sides. 

He hinted at an ambitious stage design involving a spaceship landing on a blue planet. Reflecting on ‘the Blue Album’, Cuomo expressed his love for the album and the joy he finds in performing its songs, adding a personal touch to the conversation with Clarkson.

-Sushmita Sarkar

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