Kelly Osbourne Reveals How ‘Bathroom Etiquette’ Impacts Relationships

Kelly Osbourne maintains a unique approach to preserving the romance in her relationship.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE alongside her mother Sharon Osbourne and brother Jack Osbourne to promote Osbourne Media House, the 39-year-old singer shares one non-negotiable boundary she enforces with her partner.

“Bathroom etiquette is a must in any relationship. One of my top rules is not wanting to be informed when my partner needs to use the bathroom,” explains the ‘Shut Up’ singer.

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Kelly Osbourne
Image Courtesy: People

Osbourne firmly believes in maintaining a sense of privacy, stating, “As far as I’m concerned, nobody poops. Because once you start having conversations while someone’s using the bathroom, the romance disappears.”

For Osbourne, preserving personal boundaries is essential for a healthy relationship. Her bathroom routine serves as a boundary she’s unwilling to compromise on. The TV personality has been in a relationship with Slipknot rocker Sid Wilson since early 2022 and they welcomed their son Sidney later that year.

Kelly Osbourne
Image Courtesy: People

While the Osbourne family prioritizes putting “family first,” Jack, 38, emphasizes the importance of not going to bed angry. Sharon, 71, emphasizes the significance of loving your partner and considering them your best friend.

During a November 2023 episode of ‘The Osbournes Podcast’, the family humorously recalled a time when Sharon broke her daughter’s bathroom etiquette rule. In a memorable anecdote, Sharon allegedly defecated into a bag of marijuana belonging to her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, to prevent him from smoking it during a family vacation. The incident, which occurred in 1995 at a hotel in Hawaii, led to a comical family altercation.

– Farheen Ali