Kevin Bacon on ‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’: “I Love The Franchise”

In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, the legendary Kevin Bacon shared his thoughts on his latest project, the action-packed ‘Beverly Hills Cop 4.’ He delved into what drew him to the film, the challenges he faced and his admiration for the iconic franchise.

When asked why he decided to join ‘Beverly Hills Cop,’ Kevin didn’t hesitate to express his long-time fandom. “I love the franchise,” he said. “I watched them when they came out. Eddie is, you know, an iconic force of an actor. He’s been doing such great stuff for so many years.” He couldn’t help but praise his co-star, Eddie Murphy, and acknowledge the lasting impact of the series.

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Kevin Bacon Beverly Hills Cop
Image Courtesy: The Direct

“He’s done so many great characters, but it’s clearly the one that has stood the test of time. I mean, the fact that you wanted to see four movies that have Axel in them. And this one is called ‘Axel F’ also. So that’s an indication that you know what he created with that character really has a lot of resonance,” Kevin elaborated. “To be a part of that was thorough,” he concluded.

Discussing the hurdles he faced while filming, Kevin mentioned a particularly tough scene involving Eddie Murphy in an interrogation room. Balancing menace, connection, and understanding in the scene was tricky, he said, but it was a challenge he enjoyed and found fun to film.

The latest instalment of the ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ franchise will be streaming on Netflix from 3rd July 2024.