Kevin Costner Talks About Working With Whitney Houston on ‘The Bodyguard’

In a recent interview, ‘Yellowstone’ star Kevin Costner opened up about his experiences working with the iconic singer Whitney Houston on the set of ‘The Bodyguard.’ Costner revealed that he cherished the time spent with Houston and even shared insights into their off-screen relationship.

During the interview on the ‘Armchair Expert’ podcast with hosts Dax Shepard and Monica Padman, Costner reminisced about his friendship with the late Dennis, a co-star in the film. He fondly recalled how he insisted on Houston’s casting, despite initial reservations from the director, Mick Jackson, showcasing his deep affection for her.

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Kevin Costner Whitney Houston
Image Courtesy: Yahoo

Costner’s admiration for Houston was evident as he recounted moments of support and protection he provided for her during filming. He emphasized his commitment to her and her manager, Clive Davis, promising to ensure her success in the movie.

Costner’s appreciation for Houston’s vocal talent was also highlighted, despite his previous reluctance to have her close friend, Robyn Crawford, around. The bond between Costner and Houston transcended their roles, creating a genuine camaraderie that was palpable both on and off the screen.

Kevin Costner Whitney Houston
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Hosts Shepard and Padman acknowledged the psychological support Costner provided to Houston during filming, recognizing the genuine friendship that developed between them. The interview provided a glimpse into the authentic connection shared by Costner and Houston, offering fans a deeper understanding of their relationship during the making of ‘The Bodyguard.’

– Farheen Ali