Kristen Stewart Says Bella Swan’s Wedding Dress is Ideal for a Classic Wedding

Kristen Stewart, who starred in ‘Love Lies Bleeding,’ recently spoke with WhoWhatWear about how much she has always admired Bella Swan’s wedding gown from ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1’.

The 33-year-old Stewart reminisced about the Carolina Herrera-designed gown, saying she truly loved it. She recalled wearing it and laughed about the funny things that happened when getting ready for the scene, like having to deal with the heat and makeup errors while waiting impatiently to be called upon to play the bride.

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Kristen Stewart
Image Courtesy: Hitched

Speaking about her impending marriage to 36-year-old fiancée Dylan Meyer, Stewart disclosed that the gown is, in her opinion, the pinnacle of a “classic wedding dress”. Though she expressed fondness for it, she made it clear that her style has changed since then, suggesting that she wouldn’t choose a similar dress for her wedding.

Stewart’s thoughts on the planning of her wedding are in line with recent tidings that indicate she has rethought her original plans for the ceremony, potentially choosing a more low-key celebration. Stewart’s love for her family and her steadfast happiness in her relationship with Meyer are highlighted by those close to her.

Kristen Stewart
Image Courtesy: Us Weekly

On SiriusXM’s ‘The Howard Stern Show’ in November 2021, Stewart announced her engagement to Meyer. She expressed excitement about their impending marriage and praised Meyer’s thoughtful proposal.

Even as the plans for the wedding change, Stewart is committed to creating a loving relationship with her partner.

– Farheen Ali