Lady Gaga’s Choreographer Discusses Creating Daring Routines For JoJo Siwa: ‘I’m Excited!’

Renowned choreographer Richy Jackson recently shared insights into his evolving collaboration with JoJo Siwa, spanning from their initial encounter over a decade ago to their current work on Siwa’s edgy new era, marked by the release of her latest single ‘Karma’.

Their journey began when Jackson met Siwa on the show ‘Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition,’ where she showcased her talent at just nine years old. Later, during her Nickelodeon days and stints on ‘Dance Moms,’ Siwa’s career blossomed, leading to music ventures and even a feature film.

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Lady Gaga Choreographer
Image Courtesy: Yahoo

Jackson recalls the early days of choreographing for Siwa, tailored to her younger audience and Nickelodeon’s guidelines. However, with Siwa transitioning into her “adult pop star” phase, Jackson notes the newfound creative freedom and excitement in crafting more risque dance routines for her.

Having worked extensively with pop icons like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, Jackson brings a wealth of experience in choreographing performances that push boundaries. Siwa’s ‘Karma’ marks a significant departure from her previous sound, signalling a deliberate shift in her artistic direction akin to Miley Cyrus’s transformation during her ‘Bangerz’ era.

The music video for ‘Karma’, showcases Siwa’s evolution as an artist, with Jackson’s choreography adding a dynamic flair to the visual narrative. Jackson’s enthusiasm for Siwa’s new vibe is palpable, reflecting his admiration for her willingness to explore new territories in her music and performance style.

Beyond Siwa’s journey, Jackson also touches on his experiences choreographing for major events like the Super Bowl Halftime Show and adapting dance moves for virtual platforms like ‘Fortnite.’ His insights shed light on the evolving landscape of contemporary dance, influenced in part by platforms like TikTok, which have redefined how dance is consumed and appreciated in today’s digital age.

-Sushmita Sarkar