Leonardo DiCaprio Put Martin Scorsese on Studio Ghibli Films

Leonardo DiCaprio recently shared that he suggested two animated gems from Studio Ghibli to director Martin Scorsese. In an interview, the dynamic duo, fresh from their collaboration on the sixth joint venture, ‘Killers Of The Flower Moon,’ delved into DiCaprio’s cinematic recommendations, both courtesy of the maestro Hayao Miyazaki.

Navigating the vast cinematic landscape with Scorsese, DiCaprio humourously remarked, “I was asked what films I introduced to you, but considering you’ve seen every film ever made up until 1980, it’s pretty hard to say.” With a twinkle in his eye, he pointed towards Miyazaki’s enchanting creations, specifically calling out ‘Spirited Away’ and the world of ‘Princess Mononoke.’

Leonardo DiCaprio Martin Scorsese
Image Courtesy: The Hollywood Reporter

Scorsese, recalling the cinematic nudge, affirmed, “It was ‘Spirited Away’ you told me to watch.” The 2001 animated fantasy, a masterpiece, not only enchanted audiences but also minted over $395 million globally, triumphing with the Oscar for ‘Best Animated Feature’ at the 75th Academy Awards.

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‘Princess Mononoke,’ the 1997 gem, mirrored ‘Spirited Away”s success, holding Japan’s box office record for domestic films until the latter’s mesmerizing release. Noteworthy is its influence, acknowledged by none other than director James Cameron, who credited it as an inspiration for his 2009 epic, ‘Avatar.’

Leonardo DiCaprio Martin Scorsese
Image Courtesy: Vanity Fair

In an interview with Esquire, DiCaprio spilled the beans, revealing that Princess Mononoke secured a spot among his seven all-time favourite movies. Meanwhile, the visionary Miyazaki continues to weave his magic, with his latest creation, ‘The Boy And The Heron,’ clinching the Golden Globe Award for ‘Best Animated Feature Film.’