Lil Nas X And Camila Cabello Throw Hands at Nightclub Over a Man in ‘He Knows’ Video

In the music video for their new collaboration, ‘He Knows’, Lil Nas X and Camila Cabello engage in a dramatic nightclub showdown over a man who has shown interest in both of them. 

The video begins with Cabello entering the club with her friends, taking shots, and dancing with the man who catches her eye. As she enjoys the moment, Lil Nas X notices the man and decides to make his move, causing Cabello to step aside. 

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Camila Cabello He Knows Video
Image Courtesy: iHeartRadio

The tension escalates in another room where Cabello tackles Lil Nas X, leading to a physical tussle in which he rips out a lock of her blonde hair. The fight takes a twist when a mannequin dressed as the man falls to the floor, revealing that their object of affection is never real.

Despite the bizarre revelation, Lil Nas X and Cabello continue to dance together with their friends, ending the night by reflecting on their antics outside the club. They agree to never fight over a boy again, sealing their pact with a pinkie promise. 

However, the truce is short-lived as they spot the man again and resume their flirtation, playfully biting their pinkie fingers to reveal blood.

‘He Knows’ is the second single from Cabello’s upcoming fourth studio album, ‘C,XOXO,’ following ‘I Luv It’ with Playboi Carti. In an interview, Cabello expressed her admiration for Lil Nas X, highlighting his dedication to the performance and his thoughtful approach to music videos and fan engagement.

-Sushmita Sarkar