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Lorde Pays Tribute to Talking Heads With ‘Take Me to the River’ Cover And Reflects on Band’s Impact

Lorde, the acclaimed pop star, has unveiled her rendition of ‘Take Me to the River’, a cover created for the upcoming Talking Heads tribute album, ‘Everyone’s Getting Involved.’ 

This album, set to be released by A24 Music, pays homage to the iconic band’s 40th anniversary, particularly celebrating their ‘Stop Making Sense’ concert film.

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Image Courtesy: People

In her tribute to the classic rock song, originally performed by Al Green in 1974 and later adopted by Talking Heads in 1978, Lorde not only showcases her musical talent but also shares a poignant reflection on the profound impact the band, led by David Byrne, had on her. 

She recalls being “truly changed” by their music when she first encountered it at the age of 12. In a heartfelt letter to her fans, Lorde recounts her journey of becoming a fan of the art-rock legends around 2008, noting how their music evoked powerful emotions and inspired her creativity.

Lorde reminisces about her mother introducing her to a video of Talking Heads performing on Top of the Pops, an experience that sparked a deep connection with the band’s artistry. She vividly describes the moment as a “portal” opening between her and the screen, as she absorbed the band’s humour, passion, rhythm, and ritualistic energy.

While Lorde’s last full-length album, Solar Power, was released in 2021 and she toured extensively for it in 2022 and 2023, she has hinted at new musical endeavours. Recent social media posts suggest that she is working on new material, and in an interview with Ensemble, she expressed a desire to move swiftly with her next project.

-Sushmita Sarkar

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