Lucien Laviscount Reveals His Philosophy Behind a Good Work-Life Balance

Despite a demanding work schedule, Lucien Laviscount maintains a healthy equilibrium, prioritizing fitness alongside his acting career. The 31-year-old British actor, renowned for his role as a suave businessman in the popular Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris’, shared his approach to balancing various aspects of life with US Weekly. “The key for me is balance, balance in everything,” he emphasized, highlighting his commitment to staying active and embracing new experiences.

While Laviscount strives to maintain discipline in his routine, his work commitments and frequent travel often present challenges. Nonetheless, he acknowledges the importance of being forgiving with himself, even on days when his diet may not be optimal. “So it’s important to give myself grace and enjoy the journey,” he added.

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Lucien Laviscount Work-Life
Image Courtesy: The Times

Currently, Laviscount is immersed in filming the highly anticipated fourth season of Emily in Paris. Beyond his acting endeavours, he recently made headlines for his appearances in music videos, including Shakira’s ‘Punteria’ and Calvin Harris’ collaboration with Rag’n’Bone Man, ‘Lovers in a Past Life.’ 

Fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming season of ‘Emily in Paris’, poised to unravel new plot twists and character developments. French actress Camille Razat, who portrays Camille on the show, teased that the season would be “messy.”

Lucien Laviscount Work-Life
Image Courtesy: Yahoo News Canada

Speaking with US Weekly, Laviscount hinted at the upcoming season’s tumultuous and emotional narrative, suggesting a “chaotic” and “heartbreaking” journey ahead. Additionally, he expressed gratitude for his portrayal of Alfie throughout the series, underscoring the significance of bringing the character to life on screen.

‘Emily in Paris’ season 4, part one, is set to premiere on 5th August, followed by part two on 12th September, exclusively on Netflix.

– Farheen Ali