Mark Wahlberg Was Initially ‘Pissed Off’ About His Role in ‘The Departed’

Early on in ‘The Departed,’ Mark Wahlberg revealed on the ‘Happy Sad Confused’ podcast that he was originally supposed to play a different character, which caused him to express frustration. He did, however, ultimately come to love the role of Sergeant Dignam, which led to an Oscar nomination. 

Wahlberg indicated that he was irritated by the change during filming and made a vague reference to payment concerns.

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Mark Wahlberg The Departed
Image Courtesy: Us Weekly

He recognized the difficulties director Martin Scorsese had in leading a cast that included actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Jack Nicholson. Wahlberg also talked about his experience using hair extensions for a movie that was released concurrently with ‘The Departed,’ which caused some production issues.

Wahlberg eventually recognized the value of the role and the opportunity it gave him as an actor, despite his initial dissatisfaction. He underlined how crucial realism is to capturing the Boston backdrop and gangster theme of the film.

Mark Wahlberg The Departed
Image Courtesy: NME

Wahlberg talked about his film career as well as his strict daily schedule, which includes getting up very early to maintain discipline and health. With a laugh, he admitted to occasionally treating himself to a treat on his days off.

Furthermore, Wahlberg’s impact went beyond the screen; Bam Margera, star of ‘Jackass,’ acknowledged that Wahlberg helped him reach a major turning point in his sobriety.

– Farheen Ali