Marvel Executives Consider Reviving 90s ‘Spider-Man’ Series Following ‘X-Men ’97’ Success

After the recent success of the ‘X-Men ’97’ finale, Marvel Studios Head of TV, Streaming and Animation, Brad Winderbaum, is buzzing with excitement as he explores the possibility of reviving another beloved ’90s series. 

The latest episode of ‘X-Men ’97’ featured a nostalgic throwback to the iconic ‘Spider-Man: The Animated Series,’ which aired from 1994 to 1998 and left fans hanging with unresolved storylines.

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Spider-Man 90s
Image Courtesy: Screen Rant

A long-standing cliffhanger involving Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson was resolved in the unexpected ‘X-Men ’97’ finale, reuniting fans with the wall-crawler and evoking strong feelings of nostalgia. 

This unexpected reunion sparked discussions among fans about the possibility of more adventures in the Marvel animated universe. Brad Winderbaum expressed his excitement about the reunion and hinted at potentially delving deeper into Spider-Man’s backstory. 

He acknowledged the interest from fans in following Peter and Mary Jane’s adventures, especially with characters such as Madame Web, and expressed his eagerness to see them back on screen together. Although Spider-Man remained silent in the ‘X-Men ’97’ finale, fans are hopeful that he will speak again in future episodes, bringing the beloved character to life once more.

The popularity of ‘X-Men ’97’ demonstrates the enduring appeal of the ’90s animated series and the potential for new adventures in well-known worlds.

-Sushmita Sarkar