Matt Damon Warned Ben Affleck About Marrying Jennifer Lopez, Claims Source

Matt Damon might be tempted to say, “I told you so,” as rumours swirl about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez possibly heading for divorce. Another report indicates that back in 2022, Damon expressed concerns about their reconciliation. According to the Daily Mail, a source revealed, “Matt tried to warn Ben when he got back together with J. Lo that this could happen.” Having supported his friend through the aftermath of his first breakup with Lopez, Damon feared history might repeat itself.

Insiders suggest that Matt wants Ben to focus on work amidst the turmoil in his marriage. The two are currently collaborating on a new thriller, and Damon purportedly advised Affleck to channel his energy into the project. The source added, “As things started falling apart, Matt told Ben that he supports whatever choice he makes but wants him to jump in and focus on his work.”

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Matt Damon Ben Affleck Marriage
Image Courtesy: People

The dynamic between Affleck and Lopez seemed eerily familiar, as Ben spent considerable time on her projects, reminiscent of their earlier relationship during the filming of ‘Daredevil.’ The source elaborated, “Ben spent so much time focusing on J. Lo’s projects just like he did the first time around. He told Ben, ‘What has she ever done for your career?’”

There is even speculation that Affleck’s struggles could be impacting his sobriety. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton hinted that Affleck might be heading for rehab rather than simply dealing with a divorce. Nevertheless, the insider dismissed those claims, affirming that Damon wouldn’t let Affleck relapse. “Matt is the only real guy friend Ben has. He would not let him get back on the bottle and has been on him to make sure of this,” they added.

Matt Damon Ben Affleck Marriage
Image Courtesy: Glamour

While Matt Damon has been careful not to publicly voice his concerns about Affleck and Lopez’s marriage, this isn’t the first time reports have suggested he had reservations about Bennifer’s rekindling. A source previously told Radar Online, “Matt’s had serious reservations about Bennifer 2.0 since the beginning. He’s tried to be publicly supportive for Ben’s sake, but the fact is he hates the way J. Lo treats his buddy and can no longer hold his tongue.”

Insiders also noted the tension between Affleck and Lopez. “It’s no secret Ben and J Lo haven’t been getting along, as he always seems to be in the doghouse,” the source described. “It’s obvious something needs to change, but when Matt started giving Ben advice, he totally blew up.”