Megan Fox Says Machine Gun Kelly’s Blackout Tattoo is ‘Really Elegant’ 

Machine Gun Kelly’s striking blackout tattoo has won Megan Fox over as one of her biggest fans, calling it “really elegant.” In a recent podcast interview with Alex Cooper, Fox talked about MGK’s striking new tattoos, which he debuted on Instagram a month ago. She disclosed that he has a “special story” associated with the tattoo.

Fox went on to explain that MGK wanted to get over the memories that his old tattoos represented and that he had a complicated emotional relationship with them. She praised the elegance of his blackout tattoo and suggested that it might become a trend in the future, calling it an upgraded version of his earlier ink.

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Machine Gun Kelly Tattoo
Image Courtesy: Loudwire

Additionally, Fox disclosed that MGK—real name Colson Baker—opted not to be sedated during the lengthy tattooing procedure, which she described as a “spiritual initiation.” She was impressed that he could bear such excruciating pain.

In a 2022 interview, celebrity tattoo artist Jose Contreras brought attention to the trend of celebrities getting extensive tattoos while sedated. According to Contreras, this method enables celebrities to get several tattoos done in a single sitting without feeling pain. 

Machine Gun Kelly Tattoo
Image Courtesy: People

This process, which is usually carried out in a medical facility with skilled personnel, offers celebrities a convenient and effective way to have detailed tattoos completed in a single session.

– Farheen Ali