Meghan Trainor Thanks T-Pain For Collab With Ad in Newspaper

Grammy-winning singer Meghan Trainor isn’t holding back when it comes to expressing her appreciation for fellow artist T-Pain. Following the release of their collaborative single, ‘Been Like This’, Trainor took a unique approach to thanking her collaborator – a full-page advertisement.

The heartwarming gesture highlights the genuine camaraderie between the two musicians.  Trainor, known for hits like ‘All About the Bass’ and ‘Dear Future Husband’, has often spoken about her admiration for T-Pain, a pioneer of the Auto-Tune sound and chart-topping artist in his own right.

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The ad itself is a playful nod to T-Pain’s Atlanta roots. It features a picture of Trainor alongside a heartfelt message expressing her gratitude. Trainor acknowledges T-Pain’s influence on music, crediting him for “changing the game and how songs are made.”  She goes on to call him “the kindest, most humble hero” and reveals that she truly made her dreams come true by collaborating with him.

News of the ad quickly spread across social media, with fans applauding Trainor’s thoughtful gesture.  Many praised her for publicly expressing her appreciation for a fellow artist, particularly one who inspired her musical journey.

Meghan Trainor T-Pain
Image Courtesy: People

T-Pain’s iconic Auto-Tune melodies, create a song that’s both nostalgic and fresh. The accompanying music video, teased by Trainor, reportedly showcases T-Pain’s surprising dancing skills, adding another layer of excitement to the release.

-Sushmita Sarkar