Melissa Schuman Explains Recording Duet With Nick Carter Months After Assault: ‘Like an Alibi for Him’

The former Dream singer has courageously stepped forward, sharing her harrowing experience in the new Investigation Discovery docuseries, ‘Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter’. In a raw and emotional narrative, she delves into the disturbing allegations of s*xual assault levelled against the famous Backstreet Boys star, detailing how she was allegedly r*ped by him in his Santa Monica apartment when she was a vulnerable and innocent 18-year-old virgin.

The docuseries unveils the heartbreaking account of her involvement in the duet ‘There for Me’ with the renowned artist. She reveals that after the alleged incident, she harboured a profound reluctance to record the song, yet felt trapped by the circumstances, as she was desperately trying to launch her solo career and needed the support of her management team.

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Melissa Schuman Nick Carter Assault
Image Courtesy: People

According to her testimony, it was her manager, Kenneth Crear, who not only worked with the accused but also presented the fateful duet opportunity to her. The singer’s perspective casts a sinister light on the collaboration, suggesting that the song’s inception may have been a premeditated attempt to create an alibi rather than a genuine opportunity to further her career.

Addressing the scrutiny and scepticism surrounding her continued interactions with the accused after the alleged incident, the singer offers a poignant glimpse into the complex emotions and coping mechanisms of survivors. She reveals her genuine efforts to find forgiveness and move forward with her life, despite the lingering trauma and pain, acknowledging the public’s misunderstanding of her actions, such as following him on social media or expressing condolences.

Crear, in his declaration, presents a contrasting narrative, asserting that the showcase in question was intended for multiple artists, not solely for the singer. He states that the accused already had a record deal and agreed to perform the duet as a favour to assist in launching the singer’s potential solo career. Crear further claims that the two artists socialised after the performance, suggesting a cordial relationship.

The legal battle between the singer and the accused continues, with the singer having filed a lawsuit in April against the latter for s*xual assault and battery related to the alleged 2003 incident. The accused’s attorney vehemently denied the allegations, characterising them as “false” and a “PR stunt.”

-Sushmita Sarkar