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Meryl Streep And Martin Short Share Heartfelt Moment Filming ‘Only Murders in The Building’

The streets of New York City’s Upper West Side became a captivating backdrop as two acclaimed actors, Martin Short and Meryl Streep, were spotted filming a scene together for the highly anticipated fourth season ‘Only Murders in the Building’.

Their presence outside the apartment building that serves as the Arconia, the residence where Short’s character, Oliver Putnam, and his crime-solving partners Charles (Steve Martin) and Mabel (Selena Gomez)reside, added an extra layer of intrigue and excitement for fans eagerly awaiting the show’s return.

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Image Courtesy: People

The scene unfolded with an air of intimacy and tenderness as Short wrapped his arms around Streep’s waist, his smile radiating warmth and affection. In response, Streep rested her hands against his chest, reciprocating the heartfelt gesture with a serene smile of her own. The chemistry between the two seasoned performers was palpable, as they learned their foreheads together, creating a moment that appeared to transcend the boundaries of the scripted scene and capture a genuine connection.

Streep’s involvement in ‘Only Murders in the Building’ as the character of Broadway actress Loretta Durkin has ignited much speculation and excitement among fans. In the forthcoming season, Streep’s character is set to embark on a romantic journey with Short’s Oliver Putnam, a plotline that was hinted at in the previous season but left their future shrouded in uncertainty due to Loretta’s potential relocation to Los Angeles for work.

While the actors have found themselves at the centre of rumours regarding a potential off-screen romance, Short himself dismissed these notions in a recent conversation. He revealed that Streep’s casting as his romantic interest was purely a coincidence, as the show’s creators had already planned for Oliver to experience a theatrical endeavour and a love interest storyline before Streep’s involvement.

Short also sheds light on the serendipitous nature of Streep’s decision to join the show, recounting how she reached out to him expressing her desire to be a part of the series. This anecdote underscores the magnetic appeal of ‘Only Murders in the Building’, a testament to the exceptional writing, directing, and overall execution that has drawn an impressive lineup of esteemed actors to its ranks season after season.

Reflecting on the show’s remarkable success and the joy it brings to those involved, Short praised the collaborative and lighthearted atmosphere on set, attributing it to the philosophy of his co-stars, Steve Martin and Selena Gomez.

-Sushmita Sarkar

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