Millie Bobby Brown Criticised For Writing Negative Reviews of Businesses

Millie Bobby Brown is facing some heat after revealing that she occasionally leaves negative reviews about businesses when she feels dissatisfied with her experience.

The actress spilled the beans during a recent appearance on ‘Table Manners,’ a podcast hosted by Jessie Ware and her mum. Discussing the topic of leaving reviews, Brown admitted to critiquing establishments under an alias, believing it’s “important”.

She explained, “Here’s the thing, my whole life is people criticising me. So I’m gonna give it back to you sometimes.” Brown, who stars in the new Netflix film ‘Damsel,’ then recounted two incidents where she felt she received subpar customer service, prompting her to leave negative feedback.

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Millie Bobby Brown
Image Courtesy: Variety

“One time, we were at a hotel, and the woman was pulling my fiancé aside like, ‘We need to settle payment’, or whatever. I was like, ‘Yeah, we will, but at the end of our stay – like, we’re still staying here,’” she recalled. Brown then shared that she left a review critiquing the service, suggesting they encourage guests to settle the payment at the end of their stay.

The ‘Enola Holmes’ star also recounted another incident where she left a negative review after a shop employee was unhelpful to her while she was trying to assist an elderly lady in finding socks.

Millie Bobby Brown
Image Courtesy: Yahoo Finance

Brown’s revelations prompted Ware to ask if she was a ‘Karen’, a term used to describe someone perceived as entitled and rude towards service workers. Brown, 20, responded by acknowledging the criticism, stating, “Okay, I’m a Karen. Listen, I do think it’s important to know where you went wrong, and there’s always room for improvement.”

Her comments have stirred debate on social media, with some criticising her behaviour as entitled. One user wrote, “Service industry worker getting paid minimum wage and can barely make ends meet: trying to get by Millionaire 20 y.o millie Bobby brown who has never worked a real job in her life: NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!”

However, others defended Brown’s actions, highlighting the importance of leaving reviews for the benefit of others. One supporter tweeted, “Millie Bobby Brown leaving reviews AS SHE SHOULD idc. The public wants reviews and looks for them when they search for a new place to try. We look at comments and star ratings. If nobody left reviews we wouldn’t have that. So let’s not start shaming reviewers now.”