‘National Treasure 3’: Everything You Need to Know

Fans have been clamouring for a sequel to the ‘National Treasure’ series for years, but will Disney ever greenlight ‘National Treasure 3’? The series kicked off in 2004 with the original film, where historian Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage) embarks on global quests to find artefacts linked to early American history, following cryptic clues back to the nation’s founding.

With its blend of action and adventure, ‘National Treasure’ has been seen as a modern-day equivalent to the Indiana Jones films.

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National Treasure 3
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The success of the 2004 film naturally led to a sequel in 2007, ‘National Treasure: Book of Secrets,’ which seemed set to establish a lasting franchise. Despite lukewarm reviews from critics, both films were box office successes, making a third instalment seem inevitable. Yet, over a decade later, a third movie has not materialised.

Nicolas Cage was notably absent from the 2022 TV series, ‘National Treasure: Edge of History,’ leaving fans wondering about the future of the franchise. Despite this, there’s still hope. Recently, updates have surfaced, including news from original director Jon Turteltaub, who revealed that a script is in the works.

National Treasure 3
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Updates on ‘National Treasure 3’

Turteltaub shared that while the script is being developed, its completion and quality will determine if the project moves forward. He emphasised that although the script is being written by a talented writer, there’s no guarantee it will be good enough to push the movie into production.

“It’s being written. That doesn’t mean it will be finished and be great, but if it’s being written it will definitely be momentous when we read it. We all know what’s in it. But there’s a very, very good writer writing it right now who tends to write really good movies. If the script comes out close to good and you can see the finish line from where you are, we’re making the movie.”

National Treasure 3
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Since 2007, talk of a sequel has persisted, but the film has remained stuck in the development stage. Recent updates have been mixed: Nicolas Cage has dampened hopes, while producer Jerry Bruckheimer remains optimistic. The failure of ‘Edge of History’ doesn’t necessarily rule out a third movie, especially since the absence of Cage is often cited as a key reason the TV series didn’t resonate with fans.

Disney is keen on reviving their 2000s live-action franchises and Bruckheimer is still on board to drive these projects forward. Turteltaub reiterated that the project’s fate hinges on the screenplay’s quality. A sequel without Nicolas Cage, however, seems unlikely to succeed. Cage returned for the sequel, but his absence in the Disney+ series was felt, and his current focus on smaller, more diverse projects suggests he might not return.

National Treasure 3
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Cast and Plot

The return of other key cast members is also uncertain. Justin Bartha, who played Ben’s sidekick Riley Poole, reprised his role in ‘Edge of History’ and called his return for ‘National Treasure 3’ a “no-brainer.” Diane Kruger, who played Dr. Abigail Chase, has yet to comment on another sequel, though she remains active in film and TV.

While the plot of ‘National Treasure 3’ remains a mystery, hints have been dropped throughout the series. Each instalment has revolved around an artefact linking American history to secret societies or conspiracies. One lingering question is what’s on page 47 of the President’s Book of Secrets, introduced in the 2007 sequel. This could lead the team on new adventures or the third film could introduce an entirely new storyline.