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New ‘Alien: Romulus’ Poster Released, With Trailer Following Soon

‘Alien: Romulus,’ the latest movie from Fede Alvarez, the man who brought back the popularity of ‘Evil Dead’ and has grown to become one of Hollywood’s most watched genre directors, will shortly be released. Although the film is situated in the same universe as Ridley Scott’s Alien films, it aims to forge its path and win back fans who may have grown disenchanted with the franchise following a string of forgettable entries.

The film essentially created a sci-fi version of every slasher movie that ended with a bunch of adolescents locked in a house or campsite with the murderer. It revolves around a group of astronauts who find themselves trapped with a monster while trying to scavenge from an abandoned space station.

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Image Courtesy: IMDb

20th Century Studios has unveiled a new poster ahead of the film’s debut, which features a facehugger attacking an unidentified character. A new trailer for the film will be released tomorrow. Disney released the poster on social media today to inform fans to keep a look out for the movie’s trailer, which is expected to drop in approximately 24 hours.

The renowned movie Alien, which initiated the enduring series, has given rise to a multi-media realm encompassing novels, comic books, video games and an abundance of merchandise and memorabilia.

Image Courtesy: YouTube

‘Alien: Romulus’ is a follow-up to 20th Century Studios’ Prey, which attempted to breathe new life into the Predator franchise after years of underwhelming sequels by applying an intriguing director’s vision.
Producer Scott last ventured back into the ‘Alien’ universe with 2017’s ‘Alien: Covenant,’ which brought in about $250 million from a rumoured $100 million budget.

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