New Trailer Reveals Joseph Quinn’s Role in ‘Gladiator II’

Joseph Quinn, best known for his role as Will Byers in ‘Stranger Things,’ has been cast in the highly anticipated sequel to ‘Gladiator’. Directed by Ridley Scott, Quinn will portray the Roman Emperor Caracalla. The original ‘Gladiator’ film, released in 2000, won multiple Oscars and has since become a beloved classic. 

In this sequel, Paul Mescal takes on the role of Lucius, a character previously portrayed by Connie Nielsen as Lucilla and Joaquin Phoenix as Commodus in the original film. Barry Keoghan will play Emperor Gata, while Denzel Washington’s participation has also been confirmed.

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Gladiator II Trailer
Image Courtesy: PinkVilla

Sources reveal that Washington was initially hesitant about joining the project due to his selective nature regarding roles. However, after reading the script and understanding Scott’s vision for his character, he became enthusiastic about the role. Russell Crowe, who famously played Maximus Decimus Meridius in the original film, will not be returning. Crowe explained that the sequel is not a direct continuation of Gladiator but rather a story that branches off from it, focusing on new characters and narratives.

The sequel’s plot centres around an adult Lucius, who has ascended to the role of emperor. The events of this film occur several years after the original, allowing for fresh stories while maintaining connections to the past. This shift in focus means that Maximus’s iconic role will not be reprised, but the legacy of the original film will be honoured through its new characters and plotlines.

Scheduled for release in 2024, the ‘Gladiator’ sequel boasts an all-star cast and the return of Ridley Scott as director. Expectations are high as fans eagerly await to see how the new characters and storylines will continue the legacy of the cherished classic. Original fans are particularly excited to witness how the sequel will build upon the events of the first film and introduce new elements to the epic saga.

With the inclusion of Quinn, Mescal, Keoghan, and Washington, the film promises to deliver a captivating experience. The return to the ancient Roman setting, combined with Scott’s visionary direction, is set to create a new chapter that both honours and expands the Gladiator legacy.

-Sushmita Sarkar