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Olivia Rodrigo Embraces Fan’s Viral Tattoo Typo, Playfully Declares ‘Butterwings’ as New Lyrics

In a heartwarming twist of events, Olivia Rodrigo, the acclaimed singer, found herself in a lighthearted exchange with one of her devoted fans, Grace Flemming, on TikTok. 

Reacting to the delightful mishap, Rodrigo playfully commented on Flemming’s TikTok post, expressing her amusement and humour with a series of laughing emojis. “HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH OMG THIS IS THE NEW LYRIC I’M CHANGING IT TO BUTTERWINGS,” Rodrigo’s comment read.

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Flemming had shared a video disclosing a slight hiccup in her tattoo tribute to Rodrigo’s song ‘Hope Ur Ok’. Instead of the intended lyric “address the letters to the holes in my butterfly wings,” the tattoo artist mistakenly inked “butter wings’ onto Flemming’s wrist.

Following this unexpected interaction, Flemming shared her disbelief marvelling at Rodrigo’s direct response to her video. Despite the tattoo’s unintentional alteration, Flemming shared that the lyric held deep significance for her. 

Image Courtesy: People

She explained how the line “address the letters to the holes of my butterfly wings” symbolised resilience and the ability to deflect negativity, likening it to allowing hurtful words to pass through without causing lasting harm.

Reflecting on the origin of her admiration for Rodrigo, Flemming recounted her fandom dating back to when Rodrigo starred in an ‘American Girl doll’ movie named Grace, a character Flemming admired. Over the years, she has followed Rodrigo’s artistic journey and viewed her as an inspiration. Flemming expressed her hope that Rodrigo would eventually see the tattoo and share in the laughter sparked by the unexpected “butterwings” twist.

-Sushmita Sarkar

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