Olivia Rodrigo Jokes About Almost Wardrobe Malfunction on GUTS Tour

Olivia Rodrigo proved her professionalism during the London leg of her jam-packed GUTS World Tour on Tuesday, 14th May. Amidst her performance of ‘Love Is Embarrassing,’ a clip circulated on TikTok, capturing the moment her crop top unexpectedly came undone at the back.

Despite the mishap, Rodrigo soldiered on, with one of her background dancers stepping in to assist with the wardrobe malfunction. Fans reacted with a mix of empathy and amusement, noting the dancer’s valiant efforts to rectify the situation.

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Olivia Rodrigo GUTS Tour
Image Courtesy: Yahoo

Maintaining her composure, Rodrigo continued the show, slightly adjusting her choreography to secure her top with one hand while clutching her microphone with the other. Ever the good sport, she addressed the incident with the audience, laughing off the near mishap and jokingly acknowledging the potential for a wardrobe malfunction.

This incident isn’t the first time Rodrigo has captivated her audience with an unexpected twist. During her Dublin tour stop in April, she subtly altered the lyrics of her song ‘So American,’ sparking speculation among fans about her relationship with actor Louis Partridge. 

Olivia Rodrigo GUTS Tour
Image Courtesy: Yahoo

The duo, whose romance became public in late 2023, has navigated the challenges of dating in the public eye with grace.

Despite the attention on her personal life, Rodrigo remains dedicated to her craft. Recently, she made a surprise appearance at Coachella as a special guest during No Doubt’s reunion performance, lending her vocals to hits like ‘It’s My Life’ and ‘Bathwater.’ 

As a nod to the band, Rodrigo sported a white tank top emblazoned with “I [heart] ND,” further solidifying her status as both a talented artist and a gracious collaborator.

– Farheen Ali