‘One Day’ Contemplates Altering Emma’s Fate

Netflix’s adaptation of David Nicholls’ beloved romance novel ‘One Day’ vividly captures the essence of the profound connection between Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew. Their journey unfolds against the backdrop of significant moments in their lives, commencing on the fateful night of their graduation.

As the years progress, Emma and Dexter’s relationship experiences its ups and downs, yet their paths continue to intersect, revealing the enduring bond between them.

Central to the success of any adaptation is the casting of the pivotal roles of Emma and Dexter. In an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life, executive producer and lead writer Nicole Taylor shared insights into the meticulous process of selecting Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall to portray Emma and Dexter, respectively.

One Day Netflix
Image Courtesy: Hollywood Life

Recognizing the critical importance of casting, Nicole emphasised the necessity of finding actors who could authentically embody the complex characters of Emma and Dexter. She acknowledged the initial apprehension surrounding the casting process, underscoring the pivotal role it played in ensuring the adaptation’s success.

“We thought it was going to be an utter nightmare, and we knew that this thing would not work unless the casting was just brilliant and perfect,” Nicole revealed.

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One Day Netflix
Image Courtesy: Hollywood Life

For Nicole, capturing the essence of Emma was paramount, as she viewed the character as a quintessential representation of British womanhood. “I just really saw that character, and I feel like most British women just hard relate to that character,” Nicole expressed. “She means everything to me. I think it’s a really brilliantly written female character, and that’s what made me want to adapt the book more than anything.”

When Ambika Mod auditioned for the role of Emma, Nicole was captivated by her ability to effortlessly embody the traits and nuances of the character. Mod’s interpretation resonated deeply with Nicole’s vision for Emma, instilling a sense of joy and confidence in the casting decision.

-Sushmita Sarkar