Oscars to Analyse TV Ratings And Box Office Performance For ‘Best Picture’ Nominees

The Academy Awards, often referred to as the Oscars, are considering a new factor in the ‘Best Picture’ race: television viewership. This move comes amidst concerns about the declining box-office performance of many nominated films.

Traditionally, the Oscars have focused primarily on theatrical releases. However, the rise of streaming services and changing viewing habits have impacted cinema attendance. Many Best Picture contenders are now available for at-home viewing shortly after, or even simultaneously with, their theatrical release.

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Image Courtesy: The Hollywood Reporter

High TV ratings could indicate a film resonates with a broader audience, not just a niche group of moviegoers who frequent theatres. This wider reach could be a valuable metric for the Academy to consider. There are challenges to incorporating TV ratings.

Metrics can vary greatly across streaming platforms, making comparisons difficult. Additionally, some worry that high-budget blockbusters with mass appeal on streaming services might dominate the awards conversation, potentially overshadowing smaller, critically acclaimed films.

The Academy hasn’t revealed exactly how TV ratings data will be factored into the Best Picture race. It’s likely to be just one of many elements considered by voters, alongside critical reception, artistic merit, and box office performance (if applicable).

-Sushmita Sarkar