Pap Who Accused Taylor Swift’s Father Of Alleged Assault Says He Will Forgive The Incident on One Condition

The photographer who alleges that Taylor Swift’s father, Scott Swift, punched him in Sydney last week while he was “just doing my job” is willing to move on from the incident, but there’s a catch.

Ben McDonald, 51, who complained to the New South Wales Police Department, told TMZ that he’ll drop the case against Scott Swift if he issues a formal apology.

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Taylor Swift Father
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McDonald, the paparazzo involved in the altercation with Taylor Swift’s security team at 2 a.m. in Sydney’s North Shore, last week, insists that Scott Swift needs to apologize for his actions if he wants to resolve the matter amicably.

However, the likelihood of an apology seems slim. Swift’s team has dismissed the accusations, alleging that the paparazzi were the ones acting aggressively and threatening Taylor Swift’s staff. McDonald vehemently denies these claims, asserting that Taylor’s security team became hostile when they realized they had been located by the paparazzi.

He alleges that Taylor’s guards pushed him with their umbrellas. Police are currently investigating McDonald’s allegations.

Taylor Swift Father
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Previously, Ben McDonald had a run-in with Nicole Kidman, resulting in her obtaining a restraining order against him and his colleague Jamie Fawcett. They were ordered to stay at least 60 feet away from Kidman’s residence after a listening device was found on her property.

In his statement to TMZ, McDonald addressed the incident involving Kidman, emphasizing that it was exaggerated and outdated. He refuted claims of planting a surveillance device near Kidman’s house, arguing that while she obtained a temporary protective order, a judge did not grant her a permanent one, indicating a lack of evidence.