Paris Hilton Reveals The Story Behind Her Daughter’s Middle Name and Birth Date

Paris Hilton shared her intense love for her darling infant daughter on her iHeartRadio show. Following months of keeping her family life quiet, the 43-year-old mother of two decided to provide her husband sneak peeks at her second child. Hilton revealed the heartwarming tale behind their baby London’s name choice when announcing their kid to the public.

Hilton gave her daughter the name London in an explanation of her choice, citing her enduring love for the city. The pleasant ring of “Paris and London” combined was highlighted as she talked about how having a daughter named after one of her favourite locations was a dream come true. 

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Paris Hilton Daughter
Image Courtesy: People

She also revealed the meaning behind London’s middle name, Marilyn, which is a nod to her grandma. Phoenix, her surrogate son, was given the middle name Barron in remembrance of Hilton’s grandpa in January 2023.

Hilton discussed the significance of London’s birthdate and the enchanted alignment of 11/11, a date that holds great personal significance for her since it was the day she and her spouse were married. She related how her daughter’s birth on that day was made even more remarkable by her daily routine of making a wish at 11:11.

Paris Hilton Daughter
Image Courtesy: People

Even though London is only five months old, Hilton is astonished by the first signs of her personality, seeing that she is serious and sweet, exactly like her sister Nicky. Hilton expressed her happiness at growing her family and her thankfulness for her husband and kids, whom she values above all else.

As Mother’s Day draws near, Hilton recently released the first official image of her four-person family with PEOPLE, expressing her happiness and sense of completion with her family by her side.

– Farheen Ali