‘Peaky Blinders’: Two Spin-Offs Are Reportedly In The Making

‘Peaky Blinders,’ the S-tier period crime drama that had fans in a chokehold, bid farewell after its sixth season in February 2022. But fear not, aficionados of the Shelby family saga, as creator Steven Knight claimed that the story isn’t quite done.

Apparently, Two ‘Peaky Blinders’ spin-offs are in the making, with some fresh narratives. The first spin-off promises to whisk us across the pond to 20th-century Boston, diving into the Shelby family’s escapades in the New World. The second, a treat for Polly Gray enthusiasts, focuses on the matriarch played by the late, great Helen McCrory.

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In a recent chinwag, the man behind Thomas Shelby’s suave demeanour, Cillian Murphy, hinted that he’s game for a return to the ‘Peaky Blinders’ universe. Steven Knight, the maestro orchestrating this gangster symphony, spilt the beans about a ‘Peaky Blinders’ film in the works, set to release in 2024.

If the spin-offs and the film weren’t enough to keep the Shelby flame burning, Netflix is reportedly fanning the flames with multiple ‘Peaky Blinders’ spin-offs in the pipeline. One of these Netflix delights will unfold in the streets of Boston in the mid-20th century, a few decades post the original ‘Peaky Blinders’ chronicles.

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The other Netflix gem is rumoured to focus on Polly Gray, portrayed originally by the irreplaceable Helen McCrory.

For those eagerly awaiting the next chapter, rest assured that the show’s legacy will continue with a sequel movie, personally penned by the visionary Steven Knight. He told Radio Times, revealing that cameras should start rolling in the middle of 2024.

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Knight shared his creative process, saying, “I just sit down at the keyboard and start. It’s a bit like having a dream, for me. You sit there and all this stuff comes, and then you read it back and think, ‘That’s pretty good – but where did it come from?’”

Cillian Murph seems to be keeping the door ajar for a cinematic return. Reflecting on the perfection of six seasons, he admitted, “It’s sometimes hard to move into the film format, and I do like the ambiguity of the ending, but I’m always open to a great script, who wouldn’t be?”