Prince Harry Was Named in Sean Diddy’s Lawsuit

A lawsuit filed against Sean Diddy Combs has raised eyebrows by mentioning Prince Harry, despite the Duke of Sussex having no connections to the alleged wrongdoings. The lawsuit refers to Prince Harry as an international dignitary with whom Combs might have access, despite the Duke’s limited interactions with Combs and lack of involvement in any parties or concerts hosted by him.

The Duke of Sussex has only met Combs once and has never attended any events hosted by him since. The photograph featuring Prince Harry alongside Combs and other celebrities, including Kanye West, was taken at a gathering to commemorate the late Princess Diana’s 46th birthday in Wembley back in 2007.

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Prince Harry Sean Diddy Lawsuit
Image Courtesy: The Telegraph

It’s important to note that Prince Harry has no connection to Sean Diddy’s alleged wrongdoings and is far removed from any of the allegations Combs is facing. Furthermore, the Duke has not been charged with any involvement in the case; his name merely appears in the lawsuit without any implication of wrongdoing on his part.

The lawsuit against Sean Diddy Combs was filed by record producer Rodney Jones, alleging sexual assault in a 73-page civil case filed in New York’s federal district courts. The lawsuit comes after Combs’ two houses were raided and two men, later revealed to be Combs’ sons, were taken into custody by the police following an investigation.

Prince Harry Sean Diddy Lawsuit

The Homeland Security Department has also released a statement confirming involvement in the ongoing investigation.

In a 2012 interview, Combs mentioned Prince Harry’s name, expressing his desire to catch up with the Duke while in the UK. However, the lawsuit mentions Harry in connection with Combs’ alleged activities, suggesting that affiliation with Combs’ events granted access to celebrities, including Prince Harry.

Despite the allegations, Combs and his representatives have consistently denied any wrongdoing, dismissing the accusations as attempts to seek financial gain.