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Priscilla Presley Denies Romantic Involvement With Co-star Patrick Duffy

Priscilla Presley clarified her position during a conversation about her career after her 1972 divorce from Elvis Presley, responding to rumours that had been circulating about her relationship with Patrick Duffy. At a recent Foxwoods event, she expressed confusion about rumours of affection for Duffy, calling them absurd. 

The ‘Naked Gun’ star thought the situation was strange and unbelievable, even though he couldn’t identify the source. She talked about having a great reunion with Duffy at a recent cast get-together, highlighting the happiness that comes from getting back in touch after a long break. 

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Image Courtesy: People

From 1983 to 1988, Duffy and Presley played high school sweethearts Bobby Ewing and Jenna Wade in ‘Dallas.’ Jenna’s portrayal as Bobby’s son Lucas’s mother gave the popular series more depth. In the December 2023 Behind the Velvet Rope podcast episode, Duffy shared his initial surprise at working with ‘Elvis’ Priscilla,’ calling their first scene together “remarkable” and expressing his honour to share the screen with her.

During the Q&A, Presley also offered insights into her relationship with Elvis, recalling the unceasing attention he received from female fans, even while on tour and travelling. 

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Although Presley was aware of the difficulties brought about by Elvis’s celebrity, she cherished memories of him as a remarkable man with a giving nature, even despite the attention he received from women all the time. 

She continued to show Elvis a great deal of love and respect while highlighting his exceptional human qualities. From 1967 until 1973, Presley was wed to the renowned rock ‘n’ roll celebrity.

– Farheen Ali 

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