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Queen Camilla Gives Royal Seal of Approval to ‘Bridgerton’

Queen Camilla has officially declared herself a fan of ‘Bridgerton’. During a visit to the 2024 Chelsea Flower Show with her husband, King Charles III, she expressed her admiration for the popular period drama.

The royal couple toured the Penelope Featherington-inspired garden, designed by Holly Johnson and sponsored by Netflix. It was during this tour that Camilla revealed she had watched ‘Bridgerton’ Season 1, stating, “I watched the first lot.” This news was first reported by Daily Mail editor Rebecca English, who posted a video of the tour. 

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Image Courtesy: People

The Bridgerton Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show features a moon gate entrance, a sunken seating area, and an ornate water feature, symbolising Penelope Featherington’s journey. The Royal Horticultural Society described the garden as having a shaded area representing mystery and secrets, while the other half transitions to a brighter palette, symbolizing Penelope’s growth and self-acceptance.

Queen Camilla may not be the only royal fan of Bridgerton. In 2021, Kate Middleton and Prince William participated in a virtual interview on the Royal Family’s YouTube channel, discussing parenting and homeschooling during the pandemic. When asked about her biggest supporter during lockdown, the Princess of Wales joked, “We don’t want it to be ‘Bridgerton’ or something like that,” leading many to believe she’s also a fan of the series.

Image Courtesy: People

Additionally, during the European leg of her Renaissance World Tour in the summer of 2023, Beyoncé reportedly visited the set of ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3. According to The Sun, the showrunners, aware of Beyoncé’s love for the series, invited her to the set. The visit was kept under wraps, with an insider claiming, “The set was placed on lockdown for her visit and everyone involved was told not to breathe a word. 

It was a huge moment for the cast and crew. She asked lots of questions and was really interested. Everyone was saying afterwards they were struck by how lovely and down-to-earth she was.”

– Farheen Ali 

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