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Queen’s Roger Taylor Announced the Release of his Latest Album ‘Outsider’

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone
Image Courtesy: Pintrest 

40 years after Queen’s Roger Taylor released his first solo album Fun In Space, the artist is all set to release his sixth and latest album called Outsider on October 1st.  

During a Zoom interview with Billboard from England Taylor said, “Y’know, it’s very hard to sit back and look at yourself in perspective — I find it very hard to judge me, I guess. Maybe I’m older, wiser. I actually think maybe I’m just growing up, that the whole atmosphere of the album is more adult than maybe what I’ve done before, maybe a little more sophisticated than before. And let’s face it — I am a lot older and maybe a little wiser, although I would hope some of it is nicely irresponsible and rock n’ roll.”

“The last 20 years or so I’ve really just been writing for me because, you know, Queen hasn’t released anything new,” notes Taylor, who begins a 14-date U.K. tour on Oct. 2. “Before, I might write something and say, ‘Oh that would work well with Queen’ but of course I was always working with Freddie Mercury’s voice in mind, so it would be different. Now it’s just me.”

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

According to Billboard, Taylor did confirm a desire to perhaps record some Queen music with Adam Lambert someday — the troupe even tried to record something in Nashville at one point, which remains unfinished. “I hope someday we do finish it, because I think it was very promising,” Taylor says. Additional recording, he adds, “is a whole big project. That does involve a lot of things. We have to write the right material. It has to be good. I think at some point it would make sense to do it, but it’s not in the diary now.”

As for the prospect of a sequel to the hit 2018 film Bohemian Rhapsody, which guitarist Brian May proffered earlier this year, Taylor is circumspect. “Right now there isn’t one,” he says. “I think when we did the movie; we felt like, ‘Well, that went really well. Let’s leave it there.’ There is a huge appetite for some kind of sequel, but I haven’t seen a screenplay yet that is workable. The movie only went up to the Live Aid concert in 1985, so there’s obviously a lot more to the story. I think it might be stupid to rule out a sequel…if something comes up, and it’s a proper thing, not just a cash-in, not Volume Two. But I wouldn’t rule it out at all.”

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