Real Martha From ‘Baby Reindeer’ Interviewed by Piers Morgan

The lady who insists she’s the genuine inspiration behind Martha in the hit Netflix series ‘Baby Reindeer’ is set to make her debut television appearance.

‘Baby Reindeer,’ which has been ruling the Netflix UK charts for the past three weeks, is a series partly based on real events and is adapted from a solo stage show crafted by Richard Gadd, who also stars in it. The plot revolves around a struggling comic named Donny (played by Gadd) who finds himself relentlessly pursued by an older woman named Martha (portrayed by Jessica Gunning). The climax of the series reveals Martha’s past conviction for stalking, which led to her imprisonment for nine months.

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Fiona Harvey, a 58-year-old lawyer from Scotland, has emerged claiming to be the real-life Martha but has dismissed ‘Baby Reindeer’ as “a load of rubbish.” She has decided to step into the limelight to ensure that “people have to know what is going on” and has even threatened legal action against Gadd.

Harvey’s first interview is scheduled to air on ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored,’ where she intends to “set the record straight.” Morgan teased the interview on Twitter, sharing a photo of himself with Harvey, hinting at revelations about the character. He captioned the post: “WORLD EXCLUSIVE The real-life Martha from Baby Reindeer breaks cover and gives me her first TV interview about the smash hit Netflix show. Fiona Harvey wants to have her say & ‘set the record straight.’ Is she a psycho stalker? Find out tomorrow⁩.”

Piers Morgan Martha Interview
Image Courtesy: US Weekly

In an interview with the Daily Record earlier this month, Harvey voiced her concerns about the show’s portrayal, stating, “Gadd needs to prove I went to jail which just didn’t happen. I’ve never been sent to jail. That is blatantly obvious.” She further added, “This is all made up and hyperbole. There are no restraining orders, injunctions or interdicts anywhere. There’s just no way. I’ve not had the police at my door about any of these things. It’s a load of rubbish. I don’t have any money but I’m a perfectly capable lawyer so I will represent myself.”

Following the series release, some viewers attempted to uncover the real identities behind characters like Martha and Donny’s abuser, Darrien. Gadd urged viewers not to speculate, emphasizing, “That’s not the point of our show.”