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Robert Downey Jr. Hilariously Roasts Chris Hemsworth at His Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

Chris Hemsworth received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on 23rd May, in a ceremony that was equal parts heartfelt and humorous, thanks to his Avengers co-star Robert Downey Jr. The event turned into an unforgettable moment as Downey Jr. took the stage to roast Hemsworth, adding a layer of entertainment and camaraderie to the celebration.

Downey Jr., known for his quick wit and charm, enlisted the help of fellow Marvel stars Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson, and Chris Evans to share their thoughts on Hemsworth. The responses were as amusing as they were affectionate.

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Image Courtesy: Business Insider

“What is Chris Hemsworth?” Downey Jr. began. “Renner says, ‘Absurdly, annoyingly amazing.’ Ruffalo chimed in with ‘friend from work,’ a nod to their iconic line from Thor: Ragnarok. Scarlett Johansson playfully dubbed him a ‘sensitive, leading lady,’ while Chris Evans, in typical Captain America fashion, dubbed him the ‘second best Chris.’”

Amid the laughter, Downey Jr. also took a moment to sincerely praise Hemsworth. “There is no one who deserves this more. He is truly a ‘Hollywood star recipient,’” he said, acknowledging Hemsworth’s contributions to the film industry and his status as a beloved figure both on and off the screen.

Image Courtesy: People

Hemsworth, best known for his portrayal of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, expressed his gratitude for the honour and the support of his co-stars. The ceremony not only celebrated his achievements but also highlighted the strong bonds formed among the ‘Avengers’ cast.

The event was a perfect blend of humour and heartfelt moments, showcasing the genuine friendships and mutual respect among some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Downey Jr.’s playful roast and the warm words from Hemsworth’s colleagues made the ceremony a memorable tribute to a remarkable actor.

-Gayathri J

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