Robert Downey Jr. Takes on Multiple Roles in ‘The Sympathizer’ Finale, See How

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for ‘The Sympathizer’ Season Finale

Robert Downey Jr. showcased his versatility by embodying multiple characters with distinct dynamics in the season finale of ‘The Sympathizer’. Despite playing various roles throughout the series, Downey Jr. approached each character with a quest for purpose.

The historical comedy thriller, based on Viet Thanh Nguyen’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, concluded with its finale, titled ‘Endings Are Hard, Aren’t They,’. Downey Jr., 59, portrayed a total of five characters, each contributing to the intricate plot of espionage surrounding the Vietnam War’s end.

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The Sympathizer Finale
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Initially embodying the CIA spymaster Claude, Downey Jr. continued to impress as Professor Robert Hammer, anti-communist Congressman Ned Godwin, and Oscar-winning filmmaker Niko Damianos, also known as The Auteur. In a surprising twist, the season finale unveiled his fifth character as The Captain’s father, a white American Priest.

Director Park Chan-wook and showrunner Don McKellar collaborated to ensure that Downey Jr.’s multiple roles served a meaningful purpose rather than being a mere gimmick. Susan Downey, one of the producers and Downey Jr.’s wife, revealed that the decision to cast one actor for all roles initially posed a challenge. However, through careful exploration of the storyline, they discovered the significance of each character, culminating in Downey Jr.’s portrayal of the priest’s father.

The Sympathizer Finale
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Hoa Xuande, who plays The Captain, emphasizes the symbolic nature of Downey Jr.’s characters, representing different facets of American authority. The Captain’s reflection on his anti-communist father underscores the relevance of Downey Jr.’s casting.

When asked about her favourite character portrayed by Downey Jr., Susan Downey highlighted The Auteur, citing similarities to her husband’s real-life persona. However, she acknowledged the complexity and intrigue of the other characters, including Claude and Congressman Ned Godwin.

The Sympathizer Finale
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‘The Sympathizer’ boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Fred Nguyen Khan, Sandra Oh, Vy Le, and others. The series follows The Captain, an unnamed spy protagonist, navigating espionage in the aftermath of the Vietnam War.

– Farheen Ali