Ryan Reynolds Reveals Kids’ Obsession With ‘IF’ Movie Trailer: ‘They Can’t Stop Watching!’

While Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s children had not yet had the opportunity to witness their father’s latest cinematic endeavour, ‘IF,’ before its highly anticipated premiere, they were already captivated by the film’s trailer. Reynolds, the renowned actor, shared this delightful anecdote on the red carpet at the esteemed SVA Theater.

“They’ve seen the trailer, and they don’t stop watching the trailer,” Reynolds confessed, his voice brimming with amusement and affection. The trailer had become a constant presence in their household, to the point where it became “a little tricky” in the morning hours.

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Ryan Reynolds Kids IF
Image Courtesy: People

Reynolds found himself gently reminding his eager children, “We’re going to school right now. We’re not watching the trailer. We’re going to school,” a testament to the power of the film’s promotional material to capture their imaginations.

Despite their inability to witness the entire movie before its grand unveiling, the children were utterly “excited” to finally experience the magic of ‘IF’ on the big screen. Reynolds expressed his children’s profound love for the trailers, further fueling their anticipation for the upcoming cinematic adventure.

‘IF’ promises to be a captivating tale, centred around a young girl, played by Fleming, who possesses extraordinary abilities that allow her to “see everyone’s imaginary friends.” With this remarkable gift, she embarks on a quest to “reconnect forgotten ‘IF’s with their kids,” as described in the film’s synopsis.

The movie’s first trailer opened with a tantalising glimpse of Reynolds tiptoeing across a child’s bedroom, the words “What if everything you believed as a kid was real?” flashing across the screen, setting the stage for a whimsical and imaginative journey.

As the closet door opened, a larger-than-life, furry, purple imaginary friend, voiced by the talented Carell, emerged, greeting the audience with a cheerful “hi” before unleashing a comically massive sneeze.

The anticipation and excitement surrounding ‘IF’ were palpable, with Reynolds himself sharing a humorous anecdote about the lengths he went to in preparation for his role, confessing, “No, I ruined them with that because I have the original suit … like a mould of my body downstairs in the basement.”

-Sushmita Sarkar