Sabrina Carpenter on Breakup With Joshua Bassett: “My First Heartbreak”

Sabrina Carpenter opened up about her challenging breakup in 2021, which coincided with her split from ex-boyfriend Joshua Bassett. Speaking on Apple 1’s ‘New Music Daily with Zane Lowe,’ the 24-year-old singer revealed, “I was heartbroken two years ago. I was in a really, really different mental place.”

Describing it as her first real heartbreak, Carpenter admitted that such experiences make you question everything about yourself and take things personally. Following the breakup, she found herself feeling uncertain and began doubting her instincts and self-worth.

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Sabrina Carpenter Joshua Bassett
Image Courtesy: People

During the interview, Carpenter shared her struggle to move past the breakup, expressing a desire to regain confidence and not be swayed by others’ opinions. Her latest song, ‘Espresso,’ reflects her breakup journey and her current state of mind.

Discussing the song’s lyrics, Carpenter explained, “That’s why even just ‘my give a f-ks are on vacation,’ it’s such a simple funny line, but so much of this song really kind of gets to a place where it really measures up with where I’m at right now.”

Sabrina Carpenter Joshua Bassett
Image Courtesy: Seventeen Magazine

Addressing the rumours surrounding her relationship with Bassett, Carpenter acknowledged their public appearances together, which sparked speculation, especially as Bassett was linked to Olivia Rodrigo. While neither confirmed their relationship, both hinted at it in their music.

Carpenter clarified on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ that her song ‘Skin’ wasn’t intended as a diss track. She later released ‘Skinny Dipping,’ reflecting on finding closure after a breakup. In a TikTok video, Carpenter hinted at being single and open to new relationships.

Since December 2023, Carpenter has been romantically linked to actor Barry Keoghan.