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Sabrina Carpenter Reflects on Eras Tour: ‘Feels Like a Broadway Show’

Sabrina Carpenter, in a recent interview, delved into her experience as the opening act for Taylor Swift’s monumental Eras Tour, which has been sweeping across stadiums worldwide. 

Known for hits like ‘Nonsense’ and ‘Feather’, Carpenter expressed her awe at the level of performance and spectacle that the Eras Tour embodies, likening it to the grandeur of a Broadway show. She emphasised how fortunate she feels to have the opportunity to watch Taylor Swift, a pop superstar, perform live on stage.

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Describing the Eras Tour’s production as “like a Broadway show,” Carpenter highlighted the synchronisation and spontaneity that make each performance unique. She acknowledged the artistry involved in creating such a captivating experience, noting the challenges in mastering such a skill.

Reflecting on her growth and aspirations, Carpenter shared insights into her post-show reflections. She revealed that after each performance, she contemplates what she can improve and how she can elevate her shows in the future. The tour has also exposed her to new places and cultures, enriching her experiences and broadening her perspectives.

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Despite the demanding schedule and constant travel, Carpenter expressed appreciation for the learning opportunities and inspiration gained from being part of the Eras Tour. Having initially joined Swift in Mexico City and then embarked on international legs in 2024, Carpenter recently concluded her role as the opening act. 

Her journey with the tour culminated in a heartfelt Instagram post, where she bid farewell to the unforgettable experience and expressed gratitude for the memories created during her time on the road with Taylor Swift.

-Sushmita Sarkar

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