Sabrina Carpenter’s ‘Girl Meets World’ Cast Reunites on TikTok to Celebrate Her Hit ‘Espresso’

Amid Sabrina Carpenter’s record-breaking success with her hits ‘Espresso’ and ‘Please Please Please’, two of her former co-stars are showing that their support for her goes way back. August Maturo and Ava Kolker, who starred as Auggie Matthews and Ava Morgenstern on the Disney Channel series ‘Girl Meets World,’ made a joint TikTok to highlight their long-standing admiration for Carpenter.

Maturo and Kolker created a fun video where they showcased their history with Carpenter. “How you guys know Sabrina vs. how we know Sabrina,” Maturo wrote over the video, as he and Kolker sang along to ‘Espresso’ The video included a flashback to photos of them with Carpenter on the set of ‘Girl Meets World,’ underlining their deep-rooted connection.

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Sabrina Carpenter Girl Meets World
Image Courtesy: People

In one of the photos, Carpenter, who played Maya Hart, held Maturo by his robe, displaying a playful yet stern look. Maya Hart was best friends with Maturo’s older sister, Riley Matthews, and the show centred around the lives of these characters, including their parents Cory and Topanga, from ‘Boy Meets World.’ Another photo in the video showed Carpenter and her on-screen best friend Riley, played by Rowan Blanchard, standing with Kolker, who portrayed Maturo’s character’s girlfriend. This snapshot emphasised the close-knit relationships formed during the series.

“We’ve been fans since 2013 y’all are just catching up,” Maturo wrote in the caption of their TikTok post. Their unwavering support was evident, as was the case when Danielle Fishel, who played Topanga, showed up to cheer for Carpenter during her debut as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Fishel expressed her pride and excitement in an Instagram post, sharing photos from the SNL night, including a heartfelt hug with Carpenter. “Had the literal time of my life watching my bb check a massive box off her bucket list,” Fishel wrote. She added that the experience brought her to tears of joy and praised the magical atmosphere of New York.

Carpenter, moved by Fishel’s support, commented on the post with, “I love you!!!!!” The post also featured a selfie with Fishel and Corey Fogelmanis, who starred as Farkle Minkle on ‘Girl Meets World.’ Their camaraderie highlighted the strong bond they shared even after the show ended.

Reflecting on her time on ‘Girl Meets World’, Carpenter once said, “It’s like we’re all family now. I think that was so miraculous to me, when we started this show. It’s hard to come into a family that’s been together for seven seasons, and they welcomed us like we’d been with them forever.” This sentiment captures the enduring connections and the incredible journey they all shared.

-Sushmita Sarkar