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Sabrina Carpenter’s Reaction to Adele Singing ‘Espresso’ is Hilarious

The internet can’t seem to get enough of Sabrina Carpenter’s hit song ‘Espresso.’ It’s not just fans who are hooked; even Adele has been singing its praises. During her Las Vegas residency show, Adele took a moment to shout out the catchy tune. According to a fan’s video posted on X, the Grammy-winning singer talked about her recent break from performing due to illness and needing vocal rest.

Adele shared that her routine was all out of sync, saying, “But I’m always, you know, [going] back to the hotel, in the hotel, whatever, by, sort of like, 11:10 at the latest. And then I have to warm my voice down, then I have a steam shower and things like that.” She went on to reveal that the night before, she found herself singing, “I’m working late, ’cause I’m a singer,” quoting lines from ‘Espresso.’

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Continuing her impromptu performance, Adele added, “That Sabrina Carpenter song! ‘I can’t relate to desperation.’ That song is my jam!” The clip quickly went viral on X, catching the attention of none other than Sabrina Carpenter herself, who humorously responded, “All I read was Adele thinks about me in bed <3.”

Fans were quick to react, showering Carpenter with praise and even suggesting she incorporate Adele’s mention into her songs. One fan humourously commented, “I’m sleeping late ’cause I’m thinking about Sabrina Carpenter!” Others simply celebrated her wit and charm. Another fan proclaimed, “You are the new pop star, even Adele admires you.” Carpenter also shared the video on her Instagram story, cheekily captioning it, “Umm guys can someone check on me.”

Image Courtesy: Twitter

Adding to her recent accomplishments, Carpenter appeared on the season 49 finale of ‘Saturday Night Live’ with Jake Gyllenhaal. Her acting chops were on full display in a hilarious skit and she also wowed the audience with musical performances, including her hits ‘Espresso,’ ‘Medley of Nonsense’ and ‘Feather.’

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