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Shakira And Cardi B Release Music Video For ‘Puntería’: Watch Now

Shakira and Cardi B have finally unleashed the music video for their highly anticipated collaboration, ‘Puntería’, and it’s nothing short of magical. The visually captivating clip showcases both singers at their creative best, with a healthy dose of whimsy and sensuality thrown in for good measure.

The video takes viewers on a fantastical journey that perfectly complements the song’s infectious energy.  Shakira, known for her captivating dance moves, delivers a mesmerising performance, all while encased in a giant bubble. Cardi B brings her signature charisma to the screen, adding a layer of hip-hop swagger to the mix.

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But the visual spectacle doesn’t stop there. The video features a scene-stealing appearance by Lucien Laviscount, the heartthrob from the popular Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris’. Laviscount takes on the role of a mythical centaur, a visually striking image that adds a touch of surrealism to the narrative.

‘Puntería’ is more than just a music video; it’s a visual feast.  A bold and innovative approach marks Shakira’s return to music after a seven-year hiatus.  The video serves as the perfect introduction to her latest album, ‘Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran’ (Women Don’t Cry Anymore).  The record is a powerful statement, featuring both established hits like ‘Te Felicito’ with Rauw Alejandro and brand-new tracks.

Image Courtesy: People

In a behind-the-scenes interview snippet shared online, Shakira reveals she always envisioned Cardi B on the track. Cardi B, a self-proclaimed Shakira fan, readily embraced the opportunity, highlighting her admiration for the Colombian superstar. 

-Sushmita Sarkar

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