Shania Twain Hilariously Sings Into Drumstick Instead of Mic on Stage

Shania Twain is a seasoned performer who knows how to handle unexpected situations on stage with grace and humour. During a recent concert, she found herself singing into a drumstick instead of a microphone, much to her own amusement and that of her fans.

Rather than getting flustered, Twain burst into laughter and acknowledged the hilarious mishap before seamlessly continuing her performance. A fan captured the moment on video, which Twain later shared on social media, expressing her delight in being able to laugh at herself.

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The concert marked the start of Twain’s new residency, and she expressed her joy and relief at being able to fully embrace the experience. The adrenaline of performing live can sometimes be overwhelming, but in this instance, she was able to channel it positively and truly savour the moment.

As a performer known for her vibrant stage presence and bold fashion choices, Twain has been incorporating fun wigs and outfits into her shows. She takes great pleasure in seeing her audience embrace the spirit of self-expression through their own fashion choices, creating a sense of unity and camaraderie within the intimate concert setting.

Shania Twain
Image Courtesy: 9Honey Celebrity

Twain’s relaxed and informal demeanour on stage allows her to connect with her audience on a deeper level. She feels comfortable and at ease, relishing the opportunity to share her passion for music and performance in such an intimate setting.

The incident with the drumstick serves as a reminder that even seasoned entertainers can experience unexpected moments on stage. However, Twain’s ability to laugh it off and continue with her performance showcases her professionalism and the genuine joy she finds in entertaining her fans.

-Sushmita Sarkar