Sofia Vergara Says a ‘Modern Family’ Reboot “Doesn’t Seem Right”

Sofia Vergara has firmly brushed off any whispers of a ‘Modern Family’ reboot, at least not anytime soon. Chatting with Jimmy Fallon on the ‘Tonight Show,’ the actress, renowned for her role as Gloria in the ABC sitcom, reminisced about a reunion bash she hosted last November, gathering her co-stars three years post the show’s 2020 finale.

The soirée boasted the presence of the primary cast, including Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ariel Winter, Julie Bowen, Sarah Hyland and more, albeit sans Ty Burrell, who had a diary clash. When Fallon prodded about the prospects of a reboot, Vergara promptly quashed the notion, stating, “No, it’s only been four years.”

Quizzed on the ideal waiting period for a reboot, Vergara pondered, “I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem right. I feel like they need, we need a little more time.” Throwing in a light-hearted jab, she added, “We don’t have much time because Ed [O’Neil] is old, so…”

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Fallon pitched the idea of a holiday special, and Vergara, finding merit in it, nodded in agreement, deeming it the best comeback avenue for the show.

Sofia Vergara
Image Courtesy: Entertainment Weekly

Delving into the emotional backstory of their reunion, Vergara shared, “We wrapped up ‘Modern Family’ in 2020, and you know, it was so emotional. We were all like ‘We have to be together a lot, we cannot just separate.’ And then, two weeks later, the pandemic hit. And so we didn’t see each other for almost four years until I did this house in November.”

Switching gears, Vergara utilized her chat show appearance to hype up her upcoming Netflix miniseries, ‘Griselda,’ where she takes on the role of a formidable drug lord. The series is slated to hit the streaming scene on 25th January 2024.