Sophie Turner Reveals Past Struggles Qith Anxiety and Depression: ‘Now I Pick Up The Phone to My Friends’

Sophie Turner is opening up about how motherhood has positively impacted her mental health.

In an episode of ‘The Run-Through with Vogue’ podcast with journalist Chioma released Thursday, 16th May, Turner, 28, shared that becoming a mother has inspired her to prioritise her physical and mental well-being.

Discussing potential mental health triggers, Turner revealed, “My problem is that I would isolate if I ever felt triggered… or depressed.” She admitted that she used to endure “days [or] weeks-long ruts” without seeking help, but now she ensures she “always reaches out to a friend” in her supportive community. “I have these moments all the time where I get overwhelmed and anxious and depressed, and I pick up the phone to my friends, and I can get over it in about 20 minutes,” she explained, mentioning coping mechanisms like the tapping method or box breathing.

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Sophie Turner Depression
Image Courtesy: People

“I’ve been very therapised,” Turner noted.

She also reflected on her past struggles with poor eating habits, which she often experienced when feeling down. However, becoming a mother to her daughters, Willa, 3, and Delphine, 1, with her ex Joe Jonas, has transformed her approach to self-care and self-worth. “My body fed my child in my tummy, and it gave birth to the most amazing kids, the loves of my life,” she said.

Turner emphasised her commitment to maintaining her health for the sake of her children. “I want this body to be around as long as possible so I can spend time with my children for as long as possible. Kids just gave me a whole new lease on life, wellness, and the importance of health and treating yourself with respect,” she explained, adding that children learn “everything” from their parents.

Sophie Turner Depression
Image Courtesy: People

“I want them to see me feeding my body, and I want them to see me loving my body,” she added. Turner also discussed her experiences with bulimia and mental health issues with British Vogue, noting, “I know when I’m in a bad headspace that the eating thing will always flare up. But now I regulate it by sitting in the discomfort and just getting used to that feeling of being full. It’s all exposure therapy. I think life is exposure therapy.”

– Farheen Ali