Steve Aoki Might Just Drop an Anthem For The World

Steve Aoki is releasing “Love You More” with Lay Zhang and Will.I.Am tonight! In the disheartening times of a pandemic these three icons are making sure everyone gets that self love right.The track boasts the towering voice of Lay Zhang,a member of “EXO” the k-pop group. He spits out verses while Will.I.Am joins him with his rap sequence making it all the more funky!!

The track is set to be released at midnight and well we guess that Steve Aoki is truly a night owl! Fans have been excitedly showering social media with praises and appreciation for such an innovative collaboration.

Steve is one of the pioneering artists to include K pop members in his track after Halesy and Dua Lipa, both of whom are being lauded for creating an inclusive space for the music industry to thrive. Including musicians from other genres would also allow for a better cultural assimilation which is very much the need of the hour in our increasingly Xenophobic world. We hope music can truly bring people together !

Will.I.Am said that it was an East meets West collab that the world needs right now! When asked about the track , Zhang was grateful about the project and hoped that his fellow artist would get more opportunities like this. He also said “Will.I.Am has a dope style and Steve’s got an amazing energy”

“Collaborating with Lay and Will was a dream come true,” says Aoki. “I’ve wanted to work with both of them for a while, so having them on one track together brought so much value to the creative process. Lay with his unmistakable vocals and Will with his hard ad-libs took this song to the next level and merged all of our worlds in the process.” Kudos to Steve Aoki for making self quarantine more bearable!