Sublime Drops New Song in 28 Years Featuring Late Frontman Bradley Nowell And His Son Jakob

After nearly three decades, the iconic reggae-punk fusion band Sublime has returned with a brand-new song, marking a momentous occasion for fans worldwide. The track, titled ‘Feel Like That’, features a remarkable collaboration between the late Bradley Nowell’s vocals and those of his son, Jakob Nowell, creating a truly special and emotional connection.

Joining forces with Scott Woodruff of Stick Figure on vocals, as well as Sublime’s founding members Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh, the new release seamlessly blends the classic Sublime sound with a modern twist, offering a fresh and exciting experience for listeners. This highly anticipated release also holds a profound significance, as it comes almost three decades after Bradley’s untimely passing due to a heroin overdose, a tragic event that deeply impacted the band’s trajectory.

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In a heartfelt statement, Jakob expressed the organic nature of the song’s creation, reflecting on the band’s desire to collaborate with artists from diverse modern music scenes. The experience of hearing his own voice intertwined with his late father’s was both poignant and profound, capturing the essence of Sublime’s iconic sound while propelling it into the contemporary era.

With a sense of pride and anticipation, Jakob extended an open invitation to other artists, inviting them to join the ever-growing Sublime family and contribute to the band’s evolving musical legacy. 

The new track’s production team includes renowned names such as Grammy award-contributing producers Woodruff and Johnny Cosmic, as well as the band’s longtime collaborator Michael Miguel Happoldt.

Sublime New Song
Image Courtesy: People

Alongside the release of ‘Feel Like That’, Sublime has announced plans for an extensive North American tour, which will take them to various festivals across the United States. From Virginia Beach to San Diego and Riviera Maya, the band is set to captivate audiences with their unique blend of genres and their timeless energy.

Additionally, fans eagerly await the development of a biopic about Sublime, with acclaimed director Francis Lawrence at the helm and renowned showrunner Chris Mundy penning the script. The project promises to delve into the band’s rich history and pay tribute to their enduring impact on the music world.

-Sushmita Sarkar