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Sydney Sweeney Shares ‘Terrifying’ Experience Filming in Catacombs for ‘Immaculate’

For her most recent project, the twisted movie ‘Immaculate’, Sydney Sweeney explored the world of fake blood.

Sweeney plays an American nun named Cecilia in the film, who discovers sinister secrets in an Italian convent. Sweeney acknowledges that the habit was the most uncomfortable aspect of the nun costume, frequently causing discomfort around her ears, even though she found it to be surprisingly comfortable.

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Image Courtesy: People

But her unease didn’t stop there. According to Sweeney, applying fake blood is a sticky and cold process that is especially uncomfortable. However, she claims that once it’s on, you eventually forget about it—until the time comes to remove it, which she characterizes as a laborious procedure.

Sweeney’s ability to effortlessly access dark emotions is praised by director Michael Mohan, as it proved essential for the intense scenes in Immaculate. Sweeney says that early lessons about the value of detachment allow her to effortlessly separate herself from her characters between takes, even in spite of her own fears of clowns and needles.

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The production’s creep factor was increased by using actual catacombs for the filming. Due to air quality concerns, Sweeney describes the experience as both terrifying and haunting, with strict time limits on time spent underground.

While ‘Immaculate’ has a lot of gore, director Mohan emphasises that the goal was never to make a purely gory movie. Rather, realism was the aim, which produced images that the audience remembers long after the movie is over.

This 22nd March, ‘Immaculate’ opens in theatres.

– Farheen Ali 

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