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Taylor Swift Gives Shoutout to Blake Lively’s Daughters at Madrid Concert

Taylor Swift made her Madrid concert an unforgettable night for Blake Lively’s daughters. During her Eras tour, Swift acknowledged Lively’s daughters, Betty, 4, Inez, 7, and James, 9, who were in the audience.

Fan videos and photos shared on social media captured the excitement as Lively’s daughters danced and sang along to Swift’s hit ‘Shake It Off’ from the floor of the show. The girls, accompanied by their mother, seemed to be having the time of their lives.

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Image Courtesy: People

Later in the evening, Swift took a moment to address the young fans directly. With her guitar in hand, she said, “I have to say that in ‘Folklore’, some of my favourite characters are named James, Inez, and Betty.” The crowd erupted in cheers, acknowledging the special bond between the singer and the Lively-Reynolds family.

Blake Lively shares her daughters and a new baby with husband Ryan Reynolds, 47. While the name and sex of their newest addition have not been publicly revealed, Reynolds recently hinted at the family’s playful relationship with Swift. During an appearance on the Today show, Reynolds joked about the baby’s name, saying, “We always wait for Taylor to tell us what the child’s name is, and I’ll say this: We’re still waiting.”

Image Courtesy: Yahoo 

Swift’s song ‘Betty,’ from her album ‘Folklore’, features the names of Lively’s daughters, a secret that was kept from the girls until the song’s release. Reynolds recounted in a 2021 SiriusXM Town Hall interview, “We surprised them with it. They didn’t know. They had no idea.”

The Madrid concert was a memorable event, not just for Swift’s performance, but also for the special acknowledgment of her friends’ children. The night highlighted the close-knit relationship between Swift and the Lively-Reynolds family, bringing joy to fans and making the concert an unforgettable experience for Betty, Inez, and James.

-Gayathri J

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