Taylor Swift Shares Adorable 1990 Easter Throwback Video With Mom

Taylor Swift’s management team, known as Taylor Nation, recently delighted fans by sharing a heartwarming throwback clip on Instagram. The video showcased a baby Taylor Swift dressed in a bunny suit, cradled in the arms of her mother Andrea Swift.

In the nostalgic footage, Andrea was interacting affectionately with her daughter, who was just a baby. The scene, without sound, captured a precious moment from Swift’s first Easter season, back in 1990. Baby Taylor gazed at the camera with wide eyes, her tiny arms waving around in the pink and white fuzzy bunny outfit, complete with adorable bunny ears.

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Taylor Swift has become renowned for incorporating Easter eggs into her music and videos, dating back to the early stages of her career. These hidden messages often offer insights into her songs or tease upcoming events.

One notable instance of Swift’s Easter egg mastery was seen in the lead-up to her latest album, ‘The Tortured Poet’s Department.’ Fans keenly observed hints and clues leading to the album’s announcement at the 2024 Grammy Awards. 

Taylor Swift Easter
Image Courtesy: Yahoo Finance

For example, in the music video for ‘Bejeweled’ from her album ‘Midnights,’ Swift subtly hinted at the end of an exile with a clock showing Exile ends and the numbers two and three, foreshadowing the announcement in February.

Additionally, Swift and her longtime collaborator Jack Antonoff playfully displayed eleven fingers in photos shared by the singer in 2023.

-Sushmita Sarkar