Taylor Swift to Feature on Gracie Abrams’ New Album; ‘The Secret Of Us’

American singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams has revealed the tracklist for her next album, ‘The Secret of Us,’ which includes a feature from Taylor Swift.

Abrams revealed the track list for ‘The Secret Of Us’ on social media. After releasing her debut record, ‘Good Riddance’ in 2023, this album will mark her sophomore effort. The release date is set for June 21. The Album ‘The Secret Of Us,’ will contain a total of 13 tracks including the track ‘Us,’ featuring Taylor Swift. So far, not much else is known about the track.

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Taylor Swift Gracie Abrams
Image courtesy: Rolling Stone

The revealed tracklist for Gracie Abrams’ ‘The Secret Of Us’ is:

  1. ‘Felt Good About You’
  2. ‘Risk’
  3. ‘Blowing Smoke’
  4. ‘I Love You, I’m Sorry’
  5. ‘Us’ feat. Taylor Swift
  6. ‘Let It Happen’
  7. ‘Tough Love’
  8. ‘I Knew It, I Know You’
  9. ‘Gave You I Gave You I’
  10. ‘Normal Thing’
  11. ‘Good Luck Charlie’
  12. ‘Free Now’
  13. ‘Close To You’
Taylor Swift Gracie Abrams
Image Courtesy: GracieAbrams.com

Following her appearances on several of Taylor’s 2023 Eras tour concerts, Abrams will soon be collaborating with the pop sensation. Later this fall, Abrams will be reappearing in the “Eras” tour. 

Abram will be again opening for Swift when her tour returns to North America for over 18 concerts spread over nearly two months, beginning on 18th October in Miami and ending on 8th December in Vancouver.

Taylor Swift Gracie Abrams
Image courtesy: Vanity Fair

Abraham, in her debut album ‘Good Riddance’, had collaborated with National’s Aaron Dessner. “June 21st, Screaming so loud”, Abrams wrote on Instagram with an image of the album’s back cover announcing the tracklist.

Prior to this post, Abrams had shared the album’s cover and promoted it on social media, with the caption, “made with some of my favourite people(!!!!!)”. The phrase “favourite people” most likely alluded, at the very least, to Aaron Dessner of the National, one of Swift’s two main producers and a collaborator of Abrams. However, fans now understand why some of those extra exclamation marks were included in her caption.

-Gayathri J